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The Gerald A. Awes Scholarship Fund
An Investment in Youth

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland Gerald A. Awes Scholarship Program was established in 1986 when Mr. Awes initiated the concept and made the first gift to a scholarship fund for college bound Club members.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland currently has scholarship recipients studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), San Jose State University, Humbolt State University, California State University at Hayward, Laney College and Chabot College. These young people come from disadvantaged circumstances in the most at-risk neighborhoods of inner city Oakland. Having made good on the educational opportunities provided by the Oakland Public Schools, these students have applied for and gained acceptance at accredited institutions of higher learning.

Your gift makes a difference because, in many instances, $500 or $1000 is the hurdle that keeps a capable student away from the college campus.

Scholarships make the difference...

  • ...for many students because they receive financial assistance. Additional scholarship funds will make it possible for many students to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by a higher education.

  • ...for approximately two-thirds of the young men and women who attend college.
  • ...for young women and young men who are looking for a college or vocational school education.

Scholarship Criteria

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  1. Must have been an active member of Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland for three (3) years.
  2. Acceptance and enrollment in a College or Trade/Technical School.
  3. Full-time student with a minimum of 12 units.
  4. Maintain a 2.75 GPA (Grade Point Average).
  5. Acceptance and registration must be verified.
  6. Scholarship must be re-applied for annually.
  7. Financial need must be documented.
  8. Scholarship funds are disbursed on a quarterly basis.
  9. Maximum Scholarship is $2,500 per year.